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2016 Candidates in Photos – 103 days and counting

young hc1young don 4

It’s true.  You can’t help who you’re attracted to or who you fall in love with, but you can help who you vote for on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 for President of the United States.

Social media is full of haters for all the candidates. There has been nothing that is off limits during this campaign. People have slandered them, and made rude comments that should have been  left behind on childhood playgrounds.

“If you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it.”  This has been proven in this election in particular. One thing is certain: voters should always question the statements made by other candidates and media organizations.  Google  and are great sources  to verify accuracy.

Candidates have been compared to clowns and Irish leprechauns. They have been called fat and stupid. Below are a few of the comments about nominees and their spouses.

Donald Trump has been called Hitler and likened to Werner Klemperer’s character Colonel Klink from the 1965-71 CBS TV show “Hogan’s Heroes.” He’s been termed the Joker, because of his ever-changing hair color, and Mr. Comb Over.

Hillary has been called old and manly. One person tweeted that she wouldn’t vote for her, because she’s ugly.  Still others find her beautiful and elegant.

Melania Trump has been called Caitlyn Jenner and, like Hillary, manly. Others think she is stunning.

No one has mentioned Bill’s looks, but everyone is aware of his mistakes in the past and they have been brought up a time or two.

The truth is: appearances have nothing to do with a candidate’s qualifications and whether or not she can run a country.

It’s no secret that Hillary is the most dedicated and qualified candidate. However, if it is looks that matter to you here are some pictures of both older and younger versions of the candidates.

You decide who is the most presidential.