It’s counting down to election day. As the seconds are ticking people are dying of the Coronavirus. Scientists expect a second wave during flu season in the Fall. There is so much at stake for the upcoming election. Joe Biden’s statement about sheltering-in-place if scientists believe it’s necessary has been up for much debate, and it has become politicized when it’s not so much a political question. It’s a humanitarian and economic one. If every single American had a job where they could stay home and earn an income that paid all their bills, and then seamlessly go back to work after the pandemic was over, it wouldn’t be so complex and the views wouldn’t be polarized. But this is not a natural disaster and not everyone has the luxury to work from home.  Also, it’s not just lasting a few days with a beginning, middle and end.

Many Americans are really struggling financially, emotionally, politically. We’ve always had it easier than it is now. The pandemic has added weight to every other problem in the world and our lives. We are now faced with an extreme obstacle, and many don’t want to deal with the reality, and won’t until it becomes personal. That’s human nature.

Joe Biden may need to shut down the country to stop the pandemic from killing hundreds of thousands of people and to save lives. That’s sensible and real-life. However, if he does how will he help Americans meet their financial obligations? How will families pay their mortgages, rent, feed their children and educate them?

We need to stop people from dying, but it’s a domino effect.

The irony here is, while most Americans are suffering, the rich are getting richer. Why is that?

And some world leaders are not worried, even though hundreds of thousands of people are dying. The question is: Are there world leaders and their families who have received the most promising vaccine, and that is why they are glossing over the issue? Their reality is not ours.

“Let them eat cake.” The words uttered by Marie Antoinette (Queen of France in 1789) when she heard that the people had no food. It’s a saying that shows a lack of compassion and incomprehension to those who are struggling.

That same lack of understanding is currently keeping our country from healing. It’s important to remember that stopping the spread of COVID-19 is not about politics or what you believe about race. It’s not about being angry, blaming or inciting chaos.

It is a patriotic issue that will take a united force, no matter where you stand in your beliefs.

A civil war about other issues – not the pandemic – is a distraction from solving the problem.

No matter what political party you belong to – What we all agree on is that we are angry and frustrated and scared, and we want to stop people from getting sick and dying. We all want our lives to go back to the way they were. The way we are living is not a New Normal – it’s just not normal and not a life.

We want our lives back.

And, we all deserve to have a good life. So, ask yourself – how would you solve this problem? What is it you really want? What would it take to get there and are you willing to do anything it takes to get back to NORMAL? If we did have to go back to a shelter-in-place scenario, who would give you what you need? Are you getting what you need now? Is it time to try something new?

Words – actions – words – actions – Is the answer for more people to die and all of us to be starving and hungry, which is the direction we are currently heading. It’s like the movie Groundhog Day. We all keep waking up to the same reality, where nothing changes. Nothing is being done to fix the problem We are stuck.

Like it or not, the answer is that we need a united front to save our country, even if it means we have to go back a few steps to move forward again.